Cam’ron Drops “Dinner Time (Ma$e Diss)” In Response To Ma$e

Cam vs mase

Since dropping “The Oracle” early Friday morning, Mase has had fans not only discussing the bars on his track but clamoring for a response from Killa Cam.

He teased a snippet of his track via Instagram late Friday night and also took jabs at Mase throughout the day.

Listen to Cam’ron’s “Dinner Time” below. Peep more of Cam going full Petty Murphy on the flip (all chill is gone).

“You done opened up a door, I’m pretty ready for war/I ain’t got a sister, only sister I f*cked was yours,”

spits Cam.

A number of fans have compared the audio quality to any variety of unmodern recording techniques, from Cam spitting his bars through two tin cans on a string to his recording on a Sega Dreamcast, and the jokes are still flying.

While Cam was able to pull up a few old happenings from the Harlem pair’s 30-year association, for the most part, fans have overlooked the bars and his return-fire disses thanks to the poor audio.


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